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Black History Month Program - 2017


Please join us each week as we celebrate Black History Month with guest speakers and special events.  You will surely be blessed!

  • Feb 5th… Missionary Cheron Hardy 

  • Feb. 12th…Doris Archampong discussion on the healing powers of massage therapy

  • Feb. 18th...Private Screening & Discussion w/ Hidden Figures Actress Karan Kendrick 

  • Feb…19th … NBC's Kristin Wright and United in Action  Covenant Life Church 6pm 

  • Feb 26th ..... Dr. Mekeshia Bates; discussion on  mental health & African Dinner

Cheron Hardy

Our missionary Cheron Hardy blessed us with discussions on her work in Haiti and right here at home.  Missionary work doesn't always take you abroad.  There are so many that are in need of His word right here!

NBC's Kristin Wright after service & United in Action - Covenant Life Church @ 6 pm

Pastors from various churches will join together for United in Action @ Covenant Life Church

Doris Archampong

Doris had a wonderful message for everyone regarding massage therapy.  It's not just for relaxation.  It can drain fluids, promote your immune system and heal you.  There are many types of massages including Swedish, hot stone reflexology and others.  Mrs. Archampong can be found at the Red Door Spa in the Kentlands, Gaithersburg, MD.  Above is a picture with our Pastor and First Lady.

Dr. Mekeshia Bates & Our Annual African Dinner

Dr. Bates joins us for Week 4 and we will also enjoy our annual African dinner

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