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Youth Ministries

It is our desire to provide a youth ministry that prepares each child with the tools needed to pray, evangelize, and live in conjunction with fulfilling of the Great Commission in his or her own personal life. We want each of our young people to grow up in their faith to represent the kingdom of God in all sectors of society prayerfully living out their lives in the Will of God.






Nursery is also provided for those little children 0-2, too young to participate in Children's Church. Older children can participate in either our Nursery or Children's Church with the supervision of an adult. All other youth worship the Lord along with the adults in Sunday morning worship which starts at 10:00am.

We also have a Sunday School class for the high schoolers 13-17 yrs of age and young adults that meet from 9:00-9:45am where relevant issues are discussed each week from a biblical perspective.

Quarterly outside activities are provided for all youth during the course of the year. You are more than welcome to join us.

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